Handcrafted leather goods for exploring life

Built for adventure

Made in Pennsylvania

Heirloom Quality Goods Handmade with World Famous Horween Vegetable-Tanned Leather.

Environmental Steward

Each item is made with care

“No matter how many toys we amass we leave them behind when we die, just as we leave a broken environment, an economy that only benefits the richest, and a legacy of empowering greed over goodness. It is now time to commit to following a new path.” 
― John Perkins


Quality Materials

Crafted with high quality Horween Dublin leather. "Dublin is tanned using our Cordovan vegetable tanning liquor formulas which are over 100 years old. Within the tanning process, the leather incorporates a richer blend of oils and waxes than traditional vegetable tanned leathers, which results in a leather that will age beautifully."

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