About me

Caliber Leather - Josh

In 2015 I wanted a leather watch band and the DIY'er in me decided to make my own instead of buying one. I researched a little and then jumped in, buying a couple essential tools like a 50 pack of blades for my box cutter, a cut mat and a ruler. I ordered a couple different types of leather and began to teach myself. Failed watchbands, keychains, and wallets began to fill my small work area. I was learning by doing.

Working with leather reminded me that I enjoyed working with my hands. I was working in biotech manufacturing at the time and was in a comfortable place having established myself in a 15+ year career. Even with my success I struggled with imposter syndrome and felt largely unfulfilled. I had been a wantrapreneur for a long time. I was always looking for a way to make money that didn't require doing work I didn't have a passion for. I started a few businesses half heartedly and time after time, they would fizzle out due to my lack of commitment to doing the work. I chalk this up to my underlying lack of passion for the work required. 

Leather work was different. The natural textures and intricacies of leather appealed to me in a way I had not expected. The number of things that I could create was enticing. I had found my medium.

I continued to pursue leather craft in the evenings and opened an Etsy shop to offer a few of my creations for sale. After some sales and positive feedback I leaned into the idea that maybe starting a leather company was something I could pursue full time. 

So, in December of 2019, I quit my job to grow Caliber Leather Company full-time. Thank you to everyone who supported me along the way with inspiration, kind words, likes, follows, shares, reviews, stopping by at my events, and buying my goods. Sincerely, Thank you!